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Staking? Stop being the idiot

In this article I will talk about the topic of staking & selling action from both perspectives. Staker perspective: Usually staking is a very good business for the person who is investing. You can have a very high return on … Continue reading

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Why surviving without Skype is impossible

Hard to believe, but just in case a reader doesn´t know what Skype is, here’s a short explanation: Skype is a service/software that provides its users with chat and VOIP (voice over IP aka internet phone) for free. Why Skype … Continue reading

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Stop wasting your time NOW!

How much time do you spend daily on chatting or equivalents? By that I mean social networks like Facebook, talking to friends on messengers. Social networks and other online communities like forums (eg. have become very popular in the … Continue reading

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My personal money slave: Moneybookers

Today´s review will be about moneybookers . For those who haven´t heard of them before: Moneybookers is an e-wallet. This means they provide financial services online similar to what paypal does. Moneybookers is the biggest and in my opinion by … Continue reading

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Coaching Project: Learning how to beat HU

Hey guys, In this coaching series I´d like to turn a decent 6max midstakes player into a HU player that can beat all the regs at his level. It will be an open poker coaching program. My mentoring history: Without … Continue reading

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5 instant poker leak fixes

In my article “the magic pill” I have warned to watch out for exactly what I am now going to do myself. Since people have such a big desire for the magic pill, I don´t want to be mean. So … Continue reading

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The Magic Poker Pill

Long time no see! Travelling a lot and in addition to that I haven´t been on my computer at all lately. But a very interesting topic in exchange for the long waiting time. The magic pill: Most people are looking … Continue reading

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Who else likes to choke parasitic bumhunters?

(This article is not only about the poker part, but also about some attitudes in life that mirror bumhunting) The term “bumhunter” For those of you who haven´t heard of it, a bumhunter is a player that only plays against … Continue reading

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Turbo boost your poker winrate without even playing!

In this article I´d like to talk about some aspects where many poker players can save a significant amount of money without great effort. The “without great effort” part is very important and also the “significant”. I´m not going to … Continue reading

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Sleeping in a shit hole and breathing fungus

Chaotic start numero uno We had to decide spontaneously, very spontaneously. It was 7pm Saturday. We’re in Buenos Aires and the apartment lease ended on Sunday. Yes, the Sunday in 5 hours not 8 days. So I booked flights to … Continue reading

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