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How 3 years of poker can change your life

Today I´m really excited. I feel like I´m getting closer to where I want to be. Reading a lot in my apartment here in Tel Aviv and I feel that whenever you´re about to take the next step in your … Continue reading

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Stop wasting your time NOW!

How much time do you spend daily on chatting or equivalents? By that I mean social networks like Facebook, talking to friends on messengers. Social networks and other online communities like forums (eg. www.twoplustwo.com) have become very popular in the … Continue reading

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Turbo boost your poker winrate without even playing!

In this article I´d like to talk about some aspects where many poker players can save a significant amount of money without great effort. The “without great effort” part is very important and also the “significant”. I´m not going to … Continue reading

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Sleeping in a shit hole and breathing fungus

Chaotic start numero uno We had to decide spontaneously, very spontaneously. It was 7pm Saturday. We’re in Buenos Aires and the apartment lease ended on Sunday. Yes, the Sunday in 5 hours not 8 days. So I booked flights to … Continue reading

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Why playing Tournies for a living SUCKS!

Why playing tournaments professionally is such a terrible choice: This article is especially about tournaments that take 4+ hours. I´m not talking about 3 table turbos. I´m also not talking about STTs (single table tournies) or smaller SNGs (sit and goes). … Continue reading

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