Philosophy about recommending books & products via this blog


There are a lot of useful poker books & products that I will recommend throughout this blog-journey. I know people can react as if they were very allergic when they feel something is being “sold” to them. Nobody likes that, myself included ;). I am affiliating with most products (if possible). This means every time you buy something by clicking a link through my blog, I will earn a little commission. This is not at your expense. I´ve made sure that you´re paying the same price regardless of whether you buy it directly at the site. It’s just a way for me to earn some extra pennies, while doing what I´m doing anyway – writing ;).

Three promises to my readers:

1) Poker Products with Integrity

I will not recommend ANY product that I am not fully convinced of myself is worth buying. I will have used, bought or read everything that I will ever recommend AND will approve it to be worthy of your time and money.

If I recommend something that I haven´t used myself, but still find to be useful for certain types of players (cuz not everybody plays HU like I did) I will make it pretty clear and give you references and reasons why I think it’s still a cool product (despite not having used it myself). Without a statement like this, you can assume that I have used recommended products with great success.

2) Quality Poker Stuff

This goes hand in hand with the first point. I´m a true “capitalist” in the regard that I believe in high quality products and the survival of the best products (and yes, don’t cry, but also in the extinction of bad products). Therefore I will never promote an inferior product if I know there is something better out there. I truly believe that it’s best for all of us.

3) “You will like it”

Most stuff that good poker players have recommended to me have always been great. Books (that had nothing to do with poker), programs, shows etc… The reason why I think this is the way it is, is because we all can relate in some way to each other in the way we think. Differences exist of course, but have recently talked to another fellow and it was just funny how many similar books we´ve read AND enjoyed. From that perspective, I´m pretty confident that you´ll like what I´ve liked. And if you have any recommendation, I can´t wait to hear it!

I´m not going to write a retarded 12 page lawyer-like legal article about how you are responsible and can´t hold me accountable for any losses/misguided advice blabla…
Here´s the short version:

Nobody´s perfect. Don´t be stupid and take my words as gods inspired law to poker humanity. I´m doing my best, but I´ve made mistakes in the past and will keep on doing so. Use my poker advice at your own risk 8)

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