Training Site review: BLUEFIREPOKER

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In many forums, you can find countless threads with “which training site should I join?”. Forums have been a very helpful tool in the beginning, especially the 2+2 forums for me. Today I do not see great value in them in regards to poker strategy. They still have their social value, news & updates etc. There are also great forums for travelling, meeting up with fellow players. Really awesome stuff.

Anyways, there used to be only a few training sites out there and now every player owns one ;). Let me give you a few guidelines and recommendations that I think will be helpful in the post How to pick a coaching site . But first of all, let me tell you that I handpicked a few sites.

1) Bluefirepoker

About Bluefire:

The founder and owner, Phil Galfond, better known as “OmgClayAiken” is among the biggest winners in online poker history. He´s also the biggest winner who runs a coaching site. For more info “about them,” just check out the link.


– All of their pros are proven big winners at their stakes. They also play very different styles.
Everybody seems to be a quality pick and not by their online fame.
– The level of education is by far the highest.
Quality of videos is also extremely high, not much time wasted on nonsense.


– They don´t produce as many videos as ther competitors, but the quality is extremely high. This is also a way of respecting your time, teaching you as much as possible per hour.
They don´t have many “extras”. Other sites have podcasts, interviews, entertaining stuff. Bluefire focuses “only” on the strategic part. This might be due to them not being in the business as long as some competitors and not having resources to put up other content. Maybe it’s not planned at all.
Content focuses mainly only on NL-Holdem and Pot-Limit-Omaha. This can be interpreted as a strength too, but for obvious reasons, is important to know.

If those cons concern you, I´d advise to check out my Deucescracked review

Ok, it should be clear that I´m a fan of this site ;). But praising should come to an end. I wouldn´t recommend everybody to sign up at bluefire.

Here’s a little sample of a “philosophy video”. This is the kind of format which really increases your understanding. Hope to add some of those of my own in the coming. Here´s a peak of what you can expect:

Who should sign up:

– Anybody who plays higher than NL200. I´m not hiding my love haha ;)
– Anybody who seeks to play professionally and takes poker “seriously”.

Who should NOT sign up:

– If tournaments are your main game, there are better sites out there.
– If your main game is not No-limit-holdem or Pot-Limit-Omaha. If you love limit, 8 game or other games, you´re better off signing up somewhere else.
– If you play below NL100. They have a lil content for smaller stakes, but I believe all in all you are better served putting your money somewhere else.

Here some cool extras:

– Challenging the US government to prove that poker is a skill game

Bluefirepoker challenges US government

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