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In many forums you can find countless threads about “which training site should I join?” Forums have been a very helpful tool in the beginning, especially the 2+2 forums for me. Today I do not see great value in them in regards to poker strategy. They still have their social value, news & updates etc . There are also great forums for travelling, meeting up with fellow players. Really awesome stuff.

Anyways, there used to be only a few training sites out there and now every player owns one ;). Let me give you a few guidelines and recommendations that I found helpful in the post How to pick a coaching site .


About Deucescracked:

Deucescracked is one of the most popular training sites out there. One of the reasons for that is that one of the founders – Jay Rosenkrantz (aka “Krantz”) – is a very creative mind. By that, I mean he is very innovative and also into other topics.  The 2month2million show for example that aired on the G4 network. He´s also involved in the “from busto to robusto” series, which are short movies about the life of poker professionals. How they got started and how they “made it”. When joining Deucescracked you can expect a lot of coaching as well as entertainment.

The product is so broad that they target a huge audience. And I have to say, it fills me with joy to see the DC crew being so committed to offering such a great product. Whenever you see Krantz, you know he LOVES poker. With so many training sites (and I have reviewed quite a lot) I didn´t feel good writing a review and advertising them on my site, despite missing out on some affiliate commissions. Most sites rather try to squeeze out the $20 without offering any additional value.
DC is completely in line with the philosophy of this blog and I am proud and feel great to promote them.


– The series “unconventional wisdom” from Vanessa Selbst and Dan Morris (DJ Sensei) got very high ratings. It is exactly what it claims to be. Giving you a fresh view and alternative lines. As critique I have to say that many plays are just outright fancy play syndrome and might give you the wrong impression on how poker works. To their defense, they never claimed to teach “optimal lines”. And all in all, it’s supposed to open your eyes and keep you thinking. Adjust and re-adjust. Similar to what I want to achieve with my blog. Here´s a lil preview :

Click here to Join DeucesCracked today and see move videos like this!

– The HU-series “pr1nnyraiding” is also something that I would recommend EVERY HU-player to watch. It’s a very nice intro and everybody who I have coached in HU, I´ve told them to watch it. This way I didn’t have to teach basics and my students would benefit more from stuff that isn´t taught in these vids.

– WiltonTilt (awesome series on Mathematics in Poker), Gman, DogIsHead and Krantz produced some really really good, quality content.

– They have other interesting videos and I think deucescracked deserves most of the credit why training videos all over the internet have improved. Since their appearance, standards for coaching have been raised on other sites as well.

– They’ve got loads of extra content, podcasts, lots of blogs etc… they are really into their stuff. You can literally feel how they try to be as good as they can, be innovative and just make your experience at the site the best one.

– Big variety of games covered. This is the site where you´ll find them all together.


–  Quite a few of their producers are no longer winning players today according to PTR. There might be different reasons for that, but facts stay facts. Look close at graphs WHERE they lost. Like if they lost 2 Million at high stakes in 1k hands, but won 1,5 Million with a 5BB winrate at nl5k, I´d consider them winning players. Having that said, there are still questionable results.
– It’s hard to keep a high quality standard, especially once you set yourself such a high standard. I don´t see any other cons with the site, besides that not all content can keep up with the best content. This is self explanatory and can be seen as a compliment like “you suck, you only made 2 Million this year” ;)

Who should sign up:

– Everybody who is into a variety of games and doesn´t focus on only one game (I´m not saying this is what you should be gunning for, but if you do, DC is the place to go).
– Everybody who enjoys good entertainment alongside education.
– I can highly recommend DC if you play small stakes. DC caters to many limits and you´re taken care of pretty well.
– Try the risk-free for 7 days: Click here to learn more.

Who should NOT sign up:

– If you´re already playing Nl1k or higher I do not see any need for you to sign up, unless it’s for entertainment purposes. If you´re looking to systematically improve your game in a timely and effective manner, I´d advise you to choose Bluefire poker.
– I am thinking hard for another reason to not sign up, but for now I can´t find any.

Here, some cool extras:

Krantz & Whitelime go to Chipotle ;)

This very famous clip can´t be missing on a post associated with the DC crew!

There are hundreds of options online for improving your no limit hold’em game. From one-on-one coaching to eBooks to the myriad of poker training sites, the options can get overwhelming. Which option is the best use of your time? Which is the better investment?

There’s only one option that let’s you try risk-free for 7 days: Click here to learn more and start winning at poker.

Additional Info: DC was founded by 2+2 Regulars: Chuck “danzasmack” Danielsson, Chris “DeathDonkey” Vitch, Rob “Entity” Cole, Joe “Joe Tall” Tall, Jay “pr1nnyraid” Rosenkrantz aka Krantz.

Here a list of the most well known Deuces Cracked coaches: Ariel “DaEvils” Schneller aka FoxwoodsFiend, Dan “DJ Sensei” Morris, Emil “whitelime” Patel, Josh “sthief09” Plotkin, Aaron “WiltOnTilt” Wilt, Vanessa “fslexcduck” Selbst, Dani “Ansky” Stern.

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  7. Vera says:

    While I agree that deuces cracked has some good content I also feel they have some real crap. The production quality is high-but who gives a damn about that if the advice sucks.
    The guy who coached Kristy Arnett and had her 3 betting like a madman and he didn’t really correct, her the forum members did.
    I saw similar bad plays by some of the coaches and it really gave me a bad taste in my mouth. I had a week free membership and ended it there. I also looked up the coaches on PTR and found that almost all of them are losing-so why do I want to pay for advice from someone who isn’t currently beating the game?
    There is so much free info out there if you want to dig for it you can do without these training sites. They’ve just found another way to make money from poker.

  8. Nate says:

    Hi Vera,

    thanks for your opinion.

    On the one side i agree with you in many spots that the quality of the “big” training sites is not top notch.

    On the other hand you may wanna think that the price is INSANELY low. Even if you only learn very little and forgett about 90% of the crap, there is still 10% good stuff and that is well worth it.

    For a more effective way to improve your game i´d suggest personal coaching. But well, that´s going to cost more in general.

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