5 People I have learnt the most from at Poker

Just a list of players/people that were the most important in regards to Poker, in no particular order.

Taylor Caby:

Well, joined Cardrunners, and he was a champ at that time. Now he´s basically out of the playing business and focuses more on growing his company. Anyways, today I don´t recommend watching his old strat vids, since they are outdated, but at the time, huge help. Thank you!

Brian Townsend:

Through his well post on 2p2, I got to join Cardrunners. Basically learned what a cbet is!!! At that time pretty major. A year later, he joined CR himself as co-owner and pro. What I love so much about him:

– Very clear analytical way of thinking
– Extremely practically oriented
– Very good at breaking down things
– He played basically every limit, so he can relate to problems people have at different limits
– He doesn´t focus on making a good show/presenting himself as god, but to rather create good content
– He´s a guy who puts in hours of work. Not the genius type of guy, but the one with the best work ethic

Phil Galfond:

Among the best online players alive. I like how he thinks and teaches poker. He didn´t contribute much to my own success, but that was due to his site opening “late”.

German private friend:

– Extremly skeptical counterpart vs me being very self confident, very good discussions
– Did not learn any poker move, but his extremely critical, careful and conscious way of thinking helped a lot
– A impressive how systematically he thinks about edges, rake and those issues

Norwegian private friend:

– Basically met him when we were both playing small stakes
– He´s basically the only poker player I have ever talked strategy with, but very intense
– Infinite Mikogo/Skype sessions, helping out each other when tilting
– Moving up together and crushing it!
– And it all started with him wishing cancer upon me while we have played against each other (we met up after, I had just shaved my head bald and told him that I really had cancer hahahaha)

2+2 Forums:

In the beginning when playing SNGs, I learned a lot from threads/people there. Today, I have to say that the forum has no use in regards to strategic improvements anymore. But for every beginner, a great free source to get started with.

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