The Crucial Impact of Hand Reading in HU Poker

Heads up Poker Strategy

When it comes to heads up hold em strategy, hand reading is a very important and crucial factor when facing tough decisions. In the following Poker IQ video, you will see a hand that was played by my friend and student Kakei at 400 HUNL.

What makes your HU game good?

One factor is being able to determine which kind of opponent you are playing against. Poker in general is all about gathering information and filtering it in the best possible way. Why? Well, just watch Part 1 of the Video here:

Topics covered: GTO play, exploitative play, river decisions, bluffing

Click here to view the second part of this Heads Up Strategy Video

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4 Responses to The Crucial Impact of Hand Reading in HU Poker

  1. ka kei says:

    Thanks for the analisys. For what is worth, the guy was a big donk and really relentless with aggression (of course, I called.).

    I recommend everyone to watch the second part of this video, which I think offer great value,

    Keep the good work,

    Ka kei.

  2. Nate says:


    Well, in a way it was great that you´ve just sent me no further info on him, so we could talk about different scenarios without any bias. Maybe we should do this more often.

    One thing for everybody would ALWAYS be to send Hand histories without results, simply to avoid bias.

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