How I can teach a BABY to beat your ass and bust your whole poker bankroll

A Baby beating me at HU Hold Em Poker??? WTF ?

Yes, that’s right. I mean exactly what you´re reading. I´ve created a 40 min Video (HU Hold Em Poker) in which I analyze some hands that my friend and student KaKei played. Now for those who know him, he’s got a thick skin, so all my curses about some of the retarded plays he made won’t hurt his “inner feelings”!

Back to the Baby. When watching the full video, you´ll realize how damn easy poker, especially HU HOLD EM ****ing Poker can be. No rocket science, still so many people fundamentally get this wrong.

A Top 1% player blunders like a BABY

You´ll find quite a few spots where KaKei does exactly the opposite of what he should be doing. If a player like him does this, there is a good chance that all of us can learn something from it, even if you play mid and high stakes. However this is good news, because you can LEARN in a systematic and precise way – hey aren´t Germans known to be that way?

How can you get FREE access?

This video is only for people who have signed up for my newsletter. Good news is, you can sign up as well, 100% FREE (look at the top or right). I´ll send you the link and access data. I promise you´ll enjoy watching it!
This is not completely advanced, but a little bit advanced material. If you´re not quite there, that’s fine. Learn at your own pace. Soon I´ll have a guide that will turn complete beginners into online poker HU masters. I´ve done it before privately. Now it’s the time to go public.

Here´s the preview from my Youtube Video

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2 Responses to How I can teach a BABY to beat your ass and bust your whole poker bankroll

  1. ka kei says:


    I have watched tons of videos, in fact someone before made a video all about myself in cardrunners, but this video is farrrrr better if anyone is trying to learn HUNL take that coming from the one who is making all those mistakes :).

    Awesome work.

    Thank you.

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