Poker Mindset #1 – Stoicism

Poker Mindset Series Overview

In the mindset series I will be addressing some ways of thinking about the world & poker that helped me to improve my game and overall life.

If you are struggling in the way that you can’t accept that life isn’t fair and just, I would recommend you to take a look at Stoicism. Even if not, I’d advise everybody to take a look at this article about Stoicism. It might help you in other areas that I wouldn’t even be remotely thinking of.
Please don’t be lazy, read it. Otherwise this article will provide no use/help for you. If you think Philosophy is boring in general, then don’t waste your time by reading this. Allow me the little brag and tell you that I had the pleasure to study and major in ancient Greek language in school. Do yourself (and me!) this little favor and participate in what I love so much :). Understand what apathia, ataraxia means. Understand the mindset and values of the Stoa.

Why I love Stoicism:

I often love to use the model of Stoicism. It’s pure, it’s dry, no fluff. It’s not something that makes you happy. It’s not an instant happiness pill that you swallow and then feel great and important. The beautiful use I see in this model is to find peace without hate, regret and bad feelings. It’s the quiet acceptance of things we can’t change. And even greater, it opens your eyes for the things you CAN change.

Of course it takes some time to implement this software on your hard drive. It’s not an easy piece. It’s not something that you tell people about when you try to make them feel good. It’s something you tell people about to give them a long term view of how to find real acceptance. It provides not the “today is christmas I love you smile”. It provides a quiet, gentle, and little humoristic happiness.

Stoicism and poker:

You will stop focusing on and deeply caring about how “bad your run” is. Running bad is simply like weather. You can’t change it, you get along with it. You deeply understand what a waste of time it is to worry or complain about bad runs.

—-> Instead of thinking about bad runs, you concentrate on something that you CAN change, namely, your own game

You will stop complaining about how good others run and talking badly about them.

—-> Instead, you are looking forward to improving your game enough that others will complain about you “running hot”

You will stop complaining about how much of a bad effect others have on you. You will see that this is something that YOU can change. Don’t complain about things that you can change.

—-> Instead you will be more responsible. Once something is in your hand, you have the chance to change it

You will stop complaining, since complaining makes no sense. If you can’t change things, why complain about them. And if you can change them, why complain instead of getting your hands dirty and change what you want changed.

—-> You will become a more positive thinking person, since people who don’t complain are usually regarded as very positive ones

P.s.: Just because I’ve written this, doesn’t mean that I’ve mastered the art. Sadly you will still see me complaining for no reason. You will see the tilt monkey. But I hope you will see less of it :)

Poker Mindset Series:

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29 Responses to Poker Mindset #1 – Stoicism

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  9. Prashanna says:

    This is quite a good read. :) Who knew poker and stoicism would go well together?! :)

    – Prashanna

  10. Cye Soriano says:

    This article made a big point, It’s true that sometimes on an easy way look on the brighter side. You will become a more positive thinking person, since people who don’t complain are usually regarded as very positive ones.

  11. Marileen Edillor says:

    Poker Mindset #2 – Nobody owes you anything

    We are created as “We are the natures greatest Miracle.” We are unique. Accept who we are, accept what we have, nobody can do it for us,but only us.

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  27. Kari says:

    The mind is a very powerful thing and if all you do is complain while you are playing it causes negative things to happen.

  28. cyrus says:

    Poker games opens the thinking capacity.It also creates a room for solving problems since you will be a quick thinker .

  29. Beck says:

    I believe that life would be easier if we learn to accept things we can’t change and change those that we have the ability to do so. Complain less and act more. The Greatest games are not the result of the best cards on the table, but how the worst cards were played.

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