Mindset Series – Overview

Will be starting a series called “mindset”. In this series I will be introducing concepts, theories and worldviews and how they were helpful in shaping me as a person and – since this blog is about poker – as a poker player.

I have often found those two parts (improving as a person and player) can not be separated from each other and often go hand in hand with each other. In the days of online poker you can get away with more leaks in the social/personal area, but only to a certain degree.

I want to make sure that increasing your poker iq also means at the same time to increaseyourpersonaliq. Increasingmypersonaliq is something that I push myself to do more in the future. I have leaks in this area and look forward to improving them.

How to make use of the poker mindset series:

Think of those concepts, theories and worldviews as software (or weapons). You – the reader – are the hard drive and you can choose which software to run. If you read a mindset article about Stoicism, this doesn’t mean that Stoicism is the one and only view to go. It also doesn’t mean that you are a Stoic.  People often identify themselves way too quickly with software. Instead, think about your brain/personality as the hard drive, where you run a certain software on.
In one case, this means eg. that Stoicism is a great software to run on your hard drive when encountering a situation where you are not in peace with yourself (like Mike is better looking, Tom knows 8 languages, Eddy has a bigger car). Stoicism will tell you to take care of the things you can (the car and languages and accept that you are not going to look as good as Mike).  But Stoicism would be a terrible software when somebody wants to be comforted and is crying in your arms.
Each piece of software has its appropriate time and area to be used.

Which ones of those is for you to figure out. I’ll provide the weapons, you shoot.

One person’s self improvement blog that I love to read and highly recommend is Steve Pavlina. Check out www.stevepavlina.com
Steve goes even further and says that religions are a piece of software, running on your hard drive (= brain). At this moment I haven’t formed a strong enough opinion myself, but this way of thinking is helpful and interesting as well as challenging, so I wanted to share it with you.

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