The wrong way to learn poker

Poker Strategy Quick Fixes

The good old magic pill topic again. There are many ways to improve your poker game. One way to start this journey is to have the right poker mentality. In other words, learning which kind of mindset it takes to become successful in poker.

The following videos will be addressing one particular issue. The issue of the magic pill“. It’s one of my more favorite topics because, especially in the online poker world, there are so many quick fix schemes and scam sites which sell you the magic poker pill over and over again.

I’m going to post Part 2 of the video here. You´ll find the other parts on my youtube channel. Serach for “The magic poker pill” and you´ll find it as a top result!

Or if you´re lazy, just follow me here: Increase Your Poker IQ Videos

If you´re more into reading, the article about this is video here: Learning Poker Mindset

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