Is The Law Of Attraction A Big Scam?

The Law of Attraction

The topic of the short movie “The secret” is what is referred to as the “Law of Attraction”. Basically let me state this right away, the movie is a big bunch of bullshit. But nice fluff, gotta admit that. For more details you can read this overview in Wikipedia .

The first minutes are also free to watch on youtube. Don´t even waste a second on buying this. There´s nothing meaningful to follow. However, I ask you to watch a few minutes of this clip:

Besides the new thoughts/new agey blabla there IS something true, essential and very important to what is called the “Law of Attraction”.
What I have found out to be true for myself is that we do attract certain things in our life by the way we act and behave. Also by what we tolerate and especially what we DON´T tolerate.

Which kind of people do you attract in your life?

What does this say about yourself?

One example of the law of attraction would be in my mindset article “getting lucky”. My brother naturally attracts luck.

Some people have told me that they´re always the first ones to get bugged with the most stupid shit. Today I´d advise them right away to think about WHY they attract these kinds of people. We would go through certain characteristics that attract lazy bums to bug them. My first guess would be that they´re not good at saying no and give in rather quickly. Giving in quickly and never saying “NO” naturally attracts lots of beggars.

Law of attraction with different sexes

I remember the time when I used to call some girls “bitchy” who weren’t nice and polite to everybody. Today I realize that very few of them are bitchy deep down. Hot girls attract lots of guys. Now assume you´re getting invited to a date 25 times a day. After a while it’s going to piss you off as shit and you have to find some way to get rid of all the people that you DON’T want to attract. Often being bitchy is the way to go. Some really bitchy girls can be THE cool shit.

One very interesting thing is also that we often attract/are attracted by the same kind of girl. People say that to me and I’ve been able to see it through close friends as well. Now if you didn’t like certain traits of your (ex)girlfriend, think critically WHY you attracted them. I love this exercise. It’s a great way to reflect and change things.

How to attract a winner gen

More positively, are you attracting winners?
What in your life, what in your mindset prevents you from attracting massive and abundant wealth (not limited to monetary wealth)? What would you have to change in order to attract what you want?

One way to achieve this is to adapt traits of those who’ve done it. And often this is mistaken as being “not natural” and “bending yourself”. Fuck, it’s not! That’s pride gone wrong. If you´re born with limited moving ability in your fingers you CAN change this. Go and play piano and in a few years people will wonder how you can move your fingers so fast and “naturally”. What if you were born with limited social skills? Yes, you can also change this. To give a little hint, I am talking about myself.

What if you have limited poker skills? How can you attract the ability to win at poker? What about adapting traits from those who´ve proven over time to be winners at this game? I really believe it is that easy.

One “way too simple to be true ” success story

You want a brag story? Here we go. One year ago, a friend of mine was broke. And had a bit of debt due to playing poker habits. We were good friends at that time already, he wasn’t beating poker, since he was studying at university and just fooling around while playing. I hated to see him lose money, while knowing that it can be so easy to satisfy your playing needs (I personally don’t have them) and at the same time MAKE money.
I offered to teach him everything, if he promised me to NEVER be a retard again and gamble. Now all he did was do what I told him to do. Ok, it’s not exactly that easy, but pretty much that easy. Have to admit that guy is pretty damn smart as well, but not completely rational when it comes to playing. 10 months later, out of the last 4 days he´s made over 10k, two times, PER DAY. Has he done anything magical? NO. But what we did was remove every part and tuned him into receiving the wavelength of success.


Now if I tell you to buy PTR hand histories or Kaspersky pure security (see on the right side bar), I bet at least 50% of you suspect some mean money making monster to stand behind those offers. Don´t let anybody fool you into buying things you don´t need. But HAVING A SCARED MINDSET IS NOT ATTRACTING WINNINGS.

In contrast to the movie, let’s demystify the “law of attraction”. Look at it simply in the way “you´ll get what you attract”. If you sow wind, you´ll harvest a storm. There is “variance” in life that might confuse us into thinking it’s random. But I don´t believe it is. Most of the time, you´ll get exactly what you attract.

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