The Magic Poker Pill

Long time no see! Travelling a lot and in addition to that I haven´t been on my computer at all lately. But a very interesting topic in exchange for the long waiting time.

The magic pill:

Most people are looking for it, hoping it would exist. For that reason various scams will always work. ALWAYS. No matter how much people get educated, it’s always the same method. The super diet… cmon, how often have we seen diets being advertised on TV? Over time people should know better than to spend “only 5 payments of $55.55” for the latest strawberry diet that even Shakira has supposedly tested!!! I´m sure those diets work in the beginning. Not because of strawberries or Shakira. Not because of the great scientific research and latest technology. They work for the same reason every 30 day challenge seems to become a winner by judging the first 10 days. Motivation. Motivation. Motivation. And a big overweight portion of belief.

Belief, motivation and endurance

The mixture of belief and motivation is a very powerful one. If you add endurance, you´re facing a monster. 9-11 is proof of what belief and motivation, combined with endurance is able to achieve. In a more positive way, look at people who live the classic American dream. People who flipped burgers at McDonald’s and own multiple companies today. I haven´t mentioned intelligence for a reason. To be more precise, cognitive poker intelligence. As far as I´m concerned, you can´t change how intelligent you are. You can change how much you *know*, but not the genetic part.
Back on topic…

Why (most) diets don’t work (long term):

Often it’s not the diet that doesn’t work. At the same time, if somebody loses weight, the diet also does NOT work. It’s the person that makes it work or not. Sure, some diets increase, some decrease the chance of success. But all in all, the most important factor is the person.
Don´t give me a facepalm or *captain-obvious* expression.
When was the last time you…

– Were looking for a special “diet” that will “make me stop tilting”
– A special coach, that will finally show how you will win at poker and learn poker quick
– Were looking for another site, where you won´t have to battle with player xyz

Or in your personal life where you thought…

– If I buy this [insert random modern technical equipment], then my life will finally be better
– If I move to xy, everything will get better and I can finally make my dreams come true
– If I have xy as a girlfriend I will never feel the urge to masturbate and/or fuck somebody else

How to fix it

One lesson that I´ve learned so far for myself is that 99,9% of the time the problem was MYSELF. Once I´ve fixed parts of myself, other stuff came automatically. Diets, pills, coaching is all good and has sometimes their legit value, but in my opinion should always be secondary.
If you suck at poker, don´t look for the magic coach and the magic program that is personally tailored.  First of all change some habits that have made you become a losing player.  If you REALLY can´t identify those habits, then make a plan and a conscious decision to get coaching. Do it with a plan. Use the coaching, don´t let the coach(ing) (ab)use you.
If you´re overweight, stop fucking complaining how everybody else makes it so hard for you. Stop watching TV and buying diet pills. Most of the time, overweight people are simply lazy. I don´t care if people eat too much or not. It’s none of my business. But if you´re overweight or have any other problem, you should start with yourself first and use supporting tools/pills as a speed up, but not as a healer.

P.s.: I got some very good overweight friends. Some of them don´t care, others do. But in general, keep in mind that I´ll be very politically incorrect. It’s not personal. Just read my articles with a thicker skin than usual ;)

Why humans are the only animal that can get skinned many times

It’s because most of us believe in the magic pill. If you´re on a site that sells software that predicts the flop cards, isn´t there this little devil inside of you whispering “but what if it works?” Or the next cauliflower-carrot diet that will fix your eating disorders. I´m pretty rational and smart when it comes to poker mindset. I also can´t recall ever having problems with my weight. But I´m as stupid as everybody else when it comes to the magic pill. If you think I should know better, no, I don´t.

Most people who buy random products on TV would also tell you that they “don´t believe in it”. Or when somebody goes to a fortune teller. It’s always “just for fun”. Yeah, right! I´m sure the little devil inside whispered “but what if it IS true?”… at least that was the case with me…

Getting skinned again. The same way.

When is the next time you will get skinned again?

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  1. Luisma says:

    Amen! Always spot on.

    Saludos desde Venezuela.


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  3. Gordon says:

    Mitaaaa ;) Ty very much and hope we´ll have some desashhhhunos in future!

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